About Us

Located in Smithfield Business Centre in the heart of Dublin City. The Ignite Academy campus is a European standard school for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We deliver the essential skills to the modern day entrepreneur. Our reach is nationwide. Our sister organisation is the already established and world renowned Quality Education Development Training Limited (QED Training Ltd.) (www.QEDAccreditationAdvisors.com)

Supporting the Ignite Academy through 17 years of experience training, mentoring, coaching and networking people to establish their own business and drive them forward through Accelerator programmes.
QED Training was established in 1998 with the sole objective of supporting Irish entrepreneurs to establish in business, through the delivery of Start Your Own Business programmes. Demand-driven, the company now delivers a range of programmes focused on getting people started in business and staying in business.

Joanne Hession
Founder and Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of both QED Training and QED Accreditation Advisors. Joanne opened the Ignite Academy in 2014.

Patrick O'Keeffe
Head of the Ignite Academy

Specialist in Leadership management and sustainable development.

Noel Davidson
General Manager of QED Training

Noel is one of the best Social Media trainers in the country.

Steve Thompson
General Manager of QED Training

A specialist in creativity and human aptitudes, he combines his fascination of psychology and research with his practical experience of coaching and start-up businesses.